Are you searching for a unique and captivating location for your upcoming photo shoot? Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the Ancient Tuscan Carousel located in the heart of Florence, in Piazza della Repubblica.

Key Features:
  • Historical Significance: A carousel that dates back to ancient times, perfect for adding a vintage and authentic touch to your photos.
  • Iconic Location: Set in the historic Piazza della Repubblica, it offers an unparalleled backdrop with the city's Renaissance architecture.
  • Unique Details: Each carousel horse and detail tells a story, making every shot one-of-a-kind.
Why Choose the Carousel for Your Shoot?
  • Versatility: Ideal for fashion shoots, portraits, weddings, events, and any other type of photography.

  • Magical Atmosphere: The carousel, with its lights and colors, creates a dream-like atmosphere, perfect for capturing unforgettable moments.

  • Exclusivity: We offer the opportunity to rent the carousel exclusively, ensuring privacy and serenity during your photo sessions.

Don't miss the chance to capture the beauty and essence of Florence through your camera's lens. The Ancient Tuscan Carousel awaits to provide you with unforgettable shots.

Contact us now for more information on rental and to book your photo session. Hurry, dates fill up quickly!

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